1. What is Illustale?

Illustale is an online community to Share Moments of Life Forever. This website is now emerging as the best platform with the mission to help you store, enjoy, and make the most of your memories of life, while providing the best value at the same time. With Illustale, users can upload umpteenth number of photos and videos of their wish for free. 

Users can even upload photos directly from their mobile phone on the go with the help of Illustale mobile app. 


2. How can I follow other users in Illustale?

Loved the photos and videos of Illustale users? You can follow them and stay attentive in catching up the media posted by the users by clicking on follow button you find next to an image or a video.


3. I don't want my pictures to go public, how can I protect?

Illustale takes care of its users in each and every aspect. Like freedom it gives users to upload their images, it also holds to a point in giving privacy. People those who concern about their privacy can retain their images totally private by selecting 'Only Me' option in the select group while uploading.


4. How long videos and images will stay in the database?

Users need not worry about their images and videos as we offer lifetime availability of the user uploaded content.


5. How do you protect our information?

The information a user provide while signing up with Illustate will be in secure mode and it will never be shared with any third parties without approaching the user.


 6. Where to see my followers?

A user can check how many people are following him/her by clicking on the username appears on top right corner of the Illustale page. Also a user can find out how many friend requests he received in the same page.


7. What if I have other queries regarding Illustale?

If users have some other questions about Illustale apart from the mentioned above, they can get their queries answered by using Contact Us form.